Colorado Air National Guard Deploys Weapons Storage Racks

During the transition into wartime, the Colorado Air National Guard was changed to active duty status. Located at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado, there was an immediate for improved Base Supply Operations. The base took on increased responsibilities for overseeing all weapons and mobility bags for the entire 140th. With all of the new equipment, their old storage system was not nearly efficient enough. To help remedy their storage concerns, the National Guard, chose Spacesaver to solve their military storage needs.

With a new compact storage system in place, the base completely transformed their military storage system. Inventorying weapons used to be a cumbersome exercise that took hours with a dozen people can now be done in an hour with one person on mobile military weapons storage racks. The massive powered system also stores more than 4,000 mobility bags, each with its own shelf for easy locating. Preparing for deployment now takes a few minutes as opposed to the several hours it used to take. The Colorado Air National Guard has seen tremendous increases in efficiency and security by utilizing mobile shelving and state of the art military weapons racks.

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