Athletic Sliding Shelving Organizes Athletic Equipment Storage

Athletic storage can be a nightmare for equipment managers. Hence, when decision-makers at Ray D. Corbett Junior High School in Schertz, Texas, near San Antonio, began building a new school, they focused on solving common athletic equipment storage problems. On top of this, they also had to think about the rapidly growing student population and a tight budget.

With all this in mind, there was only place to turn to meet all of their needs. Southwest Solutions Group, a local Spacesaver representative, recommended the Wheelhouse High-Density Storage System for athletic sliding shelving. It stores an incredible amount of equipment within tight spaces and allows for hassle-free component change-out, as well as being able to be disassembled and moved. At the end of the day, the Corbett Mustangs won in a big way and their equipment manager can rest easy.

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