Evidence Storage System Reinvented

The San Antonio Police Department is a busy public safety department in a bustling metropolitan area. Evidence storage is a central part of their efforts, but it is also incredibly cumbersome and time consuming. Chain of custody was kept as a handwritten log and locating pieces of evidence was difficult to do. Something had to be done to make their evidence storage system more efficient and easy to manage. Spacesaver mobile storage solutions combined with evidence storage software put them light-years ahead of their antiquated system.

Large and numerous items are managed with ActivRAC®, designed for heavy-duty use, such as industrial or warehouse storage. Smaller evidence is stored on an Eclipse powered system, equipped with safety features to make sure that the chain of custody is maintained at all times. With these systems in place, the San Antonio Police Department now saves over $150,000/year in time and wages maintaining their evidence storage room. Spacesaver ended up being the ideal solution in modernizing their evidence storage system.

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